What Is An Indie Game?

Similarly, What does indie game mean?

unaffiliated video game

Also, it is asked, Is Minecraft a indie game?

A game that defines an entire decade is Minecraft. Although it was first released in 2009, it wasn’t fully released until 2011. In the years that followed, it went on to become the most popular independent game of all time.

Secondly, Is Roblox a indie game?

Roblox: An Independent Game? Roblox’s platform may not be seen as an independent platform on its own, but the level of creative flexibility it offers invigorates independent game creators. You may create whatever kind of game you want on the Roblox platform, so let your imagination run wild.

Also, Why is it called indie game?

We may claim that the developers maintain their independence if there is no publisher engaged. And there is where the phraseindie game” first appeared. Therefore, the first use of the phraseindie game” is when the creator also handles the publication and marketing of their own game while maintaining their intellectual property.

People also ask, Is fortnite a AAA game?

Nah. When a big corporation invests a lot of time, money, and effort in marketing a game before it is released, that game is considered AAA. Fortnite scarcely fit the description.

Related Questions and Answers

Is GTA 5 a AAA game?

GTA 5: Is it a AAA title? GTA V is a AAA game, since it was one of the most costly video games ever produced and included hundreds of people. It is the ideal representation of a AAA game. In the gaming business, the phrase “AAA” refers to game projects with the largest teams and budgets.

What defines AAA vs indie?

Games with significant financial support are referred to as “AAA,” whereas those with smaller budgets are referred to as “indie.”

Why are indie games better than AAA?

Numerous AAA games are hurried, which results in bugs and bad playability. However, independent game creators take their time to create a flawless product. Nobody is pressuring independent creators to complete the game. Since independent developers don’t take sales for granted, the game must be outstanding when it launches.

Where can I play indie games?

Five Methods for Finding New Indie Games Warp Door on YouTube Local Events on Reddit.Itch.io.

Do indie games make money?

The success stories have earned more than $3 million each game on average. But perhaps more crucially, prosperous game makers also produce more titles. The average number of games created by hobbyists and students for Steam is 1. Many novice developers give up since that doesn’t always lead to immediate success.

How do you know if a game is indie?

Independent games are often smaller than popular games. Because they are risk-averse and want “big-budget titles,” video game companies often do not provide financial support to independent game makers. The finances of independent game creators are often less and come mostly from crowdfunding or personal resources.

Why are games going free?

The ability for businesses to generate a significant profit while servicing a significantly smaller audience than the conventional model is what has sped up the transition to free-to-play.

What is an AA game?

Definition of AA (double-A) a game or studio with a budget that is more than an indie but lower than a AAA (triple-A) company.

Is Mojang still indie?

It has stayed current and well-liked for more than ten years and is undoubtedly Microsoft’s largest gaming IP. However, it’s also one of the first independent games, prompting every big game publisher to establish an indie label in an effort to “find the next Minecraft.” However, Mojang is by no means any more an independent company.

What is the most sold game on Steam?

Popular gamesCounter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve): 36 million; PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Corporation): 27.9 million; Left 4 Dead 2 (Valve): 18.43 million; Payday 2 (Starbreeze): 15.04 million; Counter-Strike: Source (Valve): 14.99 million; and Garry’s Mod (facepunch studios): 13.73 million.

Is GTA 6 ever going to come out?

According to the GTA 6 leaker Chris Klippel, Rockstar has reached a crucial point in the game’s production and will soon be revealing fresh details to the public. Based on this, Chris Klippel estimates that GTA 6 will be released sometime in 2024.

Why is GTA V so big?

Since it is well optimized on the majority of machines, in this instance, it is the size of the file content. The download size may rise due to modifications and/or supplemental material like dlc since the open world is kilometers vast.

What’s the opposite of an indie game?

The majority of independent gaming studios have under 30 employees, and some have as few as five. However, AAA games are often produced by considerably larger firms with hundreds of staff.

Is Pokemon Triple A?

Because of their extensive marketing efforts, AAA games often have the greatest cultural resonance among video games; examples of this include the Call of Duty and Pokemon series.

How big is an indie game team?

Independent studios often have a small staff. Most often, there are no more than 10 specialists. There are independent game creators that work alone as well. One of the wealthiest sectors in the world is the gaming sector, yet independent teams seldom benefit from this wealth.

Why do indie games matter?

Game designers may utilize Greenlight to communicate with prospective players and determine the level of interest in their game proposals from the general public. Indie gaming is more well-liked than ever, and gamers will have access to an ever-growing selection of affordable, creative games on a wide range of platforms.

What won best indie game?

Kena: Best independent and best debut indie awards went to Bridge of Spirits. Life Is Strange: True Colors won the “games for impact” category, which recognizes a thought-provoking game with a pro-social theme or message.

Why George Fan got fired?

After months of deliberation from PopCap’s executive team, Fan was sacked at this period. According to a statement made by Edmund McMillen, the designer of The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, Fan was dismissed as a result of his disagreement to EA’s freemium business strategy.

Why did EA fire the creator of PvZ?

Following the author of Zombies’ rejection of a pay-to-win sequel [updated] Recently, a number of loot crate-related issues have engulfed EA.

Why do most indie games fail?

Lack of a comprehensive marketing plan Many game creators are guilty of launching their titles without a solid game marketing plan to support them. Many independent game creators think that simply because they like their works, others will, too.

How do I sell my indie game?

Three strategies for marketing independent video games Sell on gaming platforms. Steam, Desura, and GOG are a few of the most well-liked distribution channels. Sell to companies. Instead of using platforms used by gamers, creators may instead sell their games through wholesale and retail companies. Make sales on your own website.


Indie games are games that are created without the help of a publisher. The term is used to describe any game that has been made outside of the major gaming companies such as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and so on.

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