How Well Do PS4 Games Run On PS5?

PS5 backwards compatibility with PS4 games is a subject of much speculation. Some believe that PS5 will not be able to play PS4 games at all, while others believe that PS5 will have full backwards compatibility with PS4 games.

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There has been much discussion about how well PS4 games will run on PS5. Some people believe that there will be no difference, while others believe that PS5 will provide a significant boost to performance. However, the truth is that it is still too early to say for sure how well PS4 games will run on PS5. The reason for this is because the PS5 has not been released yet, and so there is no way to test it. Once the PS5 is released, we will be able to provide a more accurate answer.

Playstation 4 Games on Playstation 5

The Playstation 5 is set to release in November 2020, and many gamers are wondering how well Playstation 4 games will run on the new console. There is good news and bad news on this front.

The good news is that the Playstation 5 is backwards compatible with the Playstation 4, so you will be able to play all of your existing PS4 games on the new console. In addition, Sony has stated that the PS5 will offer a “significant” performance boost for PS4 games.

The bad news is that not all PS4 games will take advantage of the PS5’s increased performance capabilities. In order to take advantage of the PS5’s increased power, developers will need to specifically optimize their games for the new console. As a result, some individual PS4 games may run better on the PS5 than others.

Overall, it appears that most PS4 games will run fine on the PS5, but there may be some exceptions. If you’re concerned about a particular game’s performance, your best bet is to wait for reviews from gamers who have actually tested it on the new console.


The PS5 is a powerful console, but how does it handle PS4 games? In short, most PS4 games will look and run better on a PS5. The system’s increased power means that games can render at a higher resolution or frame rate, and some will even have increased loading speeds. Any game that doesn’t take advantage of the PS5’s extra power will simply run at the same performance as it would on a PS4 Pro.


One of the biggest upgrades coming to the PlayStation 5 is its graphics processing unit. The PS5 will provide a considerable bump in processing power over the PS4, allowing for better graphics, increased frame rates, and faster loading times. But how will this affect the resolution of PS4 games?

The short answer is that most PS4 games will run at a higher resolution on PS5. The exact resolution will depend on the game, but we can expect most games to be upscaled to 4K or even 8K. However, there will be some exceptions. Games that are locked at 30fps or 60fps are unlikely to see any significant increase in resolution. And some older games may not run at all on the PS5 due to its increased horsepower.

If you’re looking for a complete list of every game that’s been confirmed to run on PS5, check out our roundup.

Frame Rate

When it comes to PS4 games running on PS5, one of the most important aspects to consider is frame rate. Games that are designed for PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim will likely see a noticeable boost in frame rate when played on a PS5, as the console is more powerful than its predecessor. However, games that were not designed with these enhanced consoles in mind may not see as much of an improvement.

Load Times

One of the most anticipated features of the PS5 is the load times. Sony has boasted that the PS5 can load games up to 100 times faster than the PS4. So, how well do PS4 games run on PS5?

We put together a quick video comparing the loading times of some of our favorite PS4 games on both the PS5 and PS4. Check it out below!

As you can see, there is a significant difference in loading times between the two consoles. The PS5 loads games much faster than the PS4, making for a better gaming experience overall.


The PS5 is a powerful console, but how does it handle PS4 games? In general, PS4 games run very well on the PS5. The increased power of the PS5 means that most games will run at a higher frame rate and with better graphics. However, there are a few exceptions. Games that are heavily reliant on the PlayStation 4’s hardware, such as The Last of Us Part II, may not run as well on the PS5. Additionally, some games may have difficulty loading or may not load at all on the PS5.


In most cases, PS4 games will see some form of enhancements when played on a PS5 console. This can include anything from faster loading times to increased framerates, or even 4K resolution support. However, not all PS4 games will take advantage of the PS5’s powerful hardware, and some may even see a decrease in performance when played on the next-gen console. Overall, though, you can expect a better experience when playing PS4 games on a PS5.


The PlayStation 5 is a big step up from the PS4. It’s more powerful, has a faster CPU and GPU, and introduces a whole host of new features, like the ability to play games at up to 120fps, 3D audio, and super-fast loading times.

PS4 games will run on the PS5, but there are some caveats. The majority of PS4 games will run at a lower framerate on the PS5, and some may not run at all. The good news is that most PS4 games will benefit from the PS5’s increased power in other ways. For example, load times will be shorter, and some games will look better thanks to increased resolution and more stable framerates.


The main con of playing PS4 games on PS5 is that the graphics aren’t as good as they could be. This is because the PS5 is capable of playing games at 4K resolution, while the PS4 tops out at 1080p. So, if you have a 4K TV, you’re not getting the full benefit of its capabilities when playing older games.

Another potential downside is that some features that are available on PS5 games may not work when playing PS4 games. For example, the PS5’s “Activity Cards” feature, which gives you information about what your friends are doing in their games, doesn’t work with older titles.

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